Friday, 19 February 2010

Anyone For a Film - Podcast 3

Dive beneath the waves, dress in a dapper suit and watch hairy Benicio Del Toro become even hairier in this weeks eclectic round-up of Ponyo, A Single Man and The Wolfman. With added BAFTA coverage!

Anyone For a Film Podcast 3.mp3


  1. :( Can't download podcast. Or is it just me?

  2. "This user is out of bandwidth" apparently...

  3. apologies everyone, im new to this and didnt realise the file wouldnt stream at all once the bandwidth was full on the hosting site! (which it is.) anyone who's on msn, i'd be happy to send you the original versions of the files

  4. Brilliant! Have wanted to see The Single Man and am now GUTTED I haven't seen it on big screen.

    Random question: How did you get the contributor slot on the Fujairah Observer? I only ask because I'm looking at freelance journo stuff and struggling to get my head around the politics of it all...